But was originally a lunch prepared by Japanese housewives for their husbands and children, and this culture has since spread to all parts of the world and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the occasions where we have a common lunch are lunch, and the occasions that need to be ordered are usually lunch time in the middle of the company‘s business meeting. The food in a lunch box, including hors d’oeuvres, snacks, staple foods and desserts, can be done very delicately. A beautiful lunch box is indeed the heart of the producer who is eating. If it is a couple, it is a love lunch box, and there will be heart-shaped rice balls and heart-shaped love eggs. If it is the love of the mother, it must be richer. Every food is the mother‘s love for the children. And if it is the lunch box that we cook at the house, it is our heart for everyone who eats. We hope that every guest can have a very satisfying feeling after eating. You will feel that this is not the same lunch box as a regular tea restaurant. It will be a lunch box bearing love and heart!

To the club will be willing to design a perfect lunch for every colleague and boss of your company, this will be an experience from the former to the dessert. If you would like to order a lunch for your company, please contact us!

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