~Birthday will be~

To the home of the family’s main birthday for many years, the children‘s menu design has added a variety of delicious and healthy children’s food, the purpose is to enable parents to host a birthday party for children, children can have fun And healthy. At the same time, parents also have a choice of alternative flavors to choose from.

Our children‘s food is mainly healthy and less oil, less sugar and less salt. The food includes vegetarian cheese, buckwheat tomato salad, fresh honeydew melon and honeydew melon skewer, Swiss hormone-free chicken middle wing, and green melon protein. Stir-fried brown rice and steamed pumpkin sweet potato (with natural raw honey) and so on. For the sake of children’s health, we add fresh eggplant and meatball spaghetti. This feature is full of hands and no viscera. It is not like the meatballs of the company. It is added to different parts and internal organs. Created. In addition, our menus are also added with hormone-free meat and egg foods. In the process of children having a happy birthday, health can be guaranteed!

To the home is definitely the first choice for children‘s birthday, to provide cost-effective, delicious and healthy food for your children’s birthday! Parents will hurry up for your family‘s baby and have an unforgettable birthday party.

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