~Central to the meeting~

Central is Hong Kong’s commercial center and transportation hub. It is also a gathering point for multinational companies. We can see restaurants in various countries including France, the United States, Spain, Portugal and other multi-national dishes in Central. It‘s a dazzling array of dishes, whether it’s a different style of Fingerfood, main course or dessert, it‘s a food sacred place worth punching! The tastes suitable for people of different nationalities are a symbol of the convergence of Chinese and foreign cultures. Calling in Central is like a trip to a different country. It’s just that the journey depends on the individual. You can go to the US and then to Japan. Europe or go to Europe before going to Japan!

The Central Conference is more suitable for different occasions. We have also participated in many large-scale events in Central in the past, including the Clockenflap Music and Culture Festival, AIA Carnival, Central Sun Theatre, 18+Central and Old Master Marathon. The range of services to the club is very wide and the recognition in the industry is very high. If you want to feel the taste and taste of different countries by going to the food, call the club!

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