~North Point to the meeting~

North Point is a place with a very historical charm. The local gathering of very historic schools and chambers of commerce. At the Cateraway, two Chinese and Western chefs with 20 years of experience were invited to attend the conference, and they were dedicated to studying the various chambers and schools in North Point. The Chamber of Commerce has a lot of activities to enjoy our services such as cocktail parties, large-scale business meetings, boat P, banquets, regular meetings, etc. within the scope of our services, and the school’s festival party, school games, open days, etc. Have a lot of service experience.

We have a purpose at the meeting: today is a little better than yesterday. The two chefs believe that today‘s craftsmanship is accumulating with the first half of the body. There are no shortcuts and no other tricks. From learning, practice, practice and innovation to the present day. We believe that the customer’s tongue has always been treated equally, and it is difficult for the customer to tell a good food loss piece! We want customers to be able to eat is not simply a taste of food is so simple, I want customers to eat out the chef to the North Point to cook a kind of obsession!

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