~Boat the river to the meeting~

Every year from June to August, it is a big holiday for everyone to go to the boat P and open the party! Presumably you will open Party 3 times at least during the summer! Every time you sail the River Party, you will call the price to go to the boat to eat, but it should be easy to find that most of the food you call the boat is a large dish, and a large group of people are eating a few Up to ten foods! Choosing less and the taste of food must be the memory of your last boat P! However, if you choose to go to the club, you can taste 30 people and 30 models of super delicious and peaceful price, no longer worry about the problem of less style.

To the recommended boat to the meeting, the food includes: BBQ honey garlic fried chicken wings, charcoal pork neck meat with sauce chicken, Japanese char-grilled chicken skewers, French wine, mixed vegetables, sirloin, Italian Chocolate powder, puffs, smoked duck breast, cucumber, salad, salad with tomato, sand sauce, Japanese flax, three-color cold udon, Kabangi bacon, long-pass powder, Sicilian fresh fungus, squid, spaghetti, etc. I suggest that if you are a ship P, remember to choose more snacks for your party, because you can make everyone happier!

The delivery area to the clubhouse is basically all the terminals can be delivered, including Kwun Tong Ferry Pier, Sai Kung Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry Pier, Western Central Pier, etc., to deliver the most delicious food for your party!