~Kwai Chung to the meeting~

Kwai Chung is a diversified area, and young people will go to the area to spend. The Kwai Chung Plaza is the place with the highest flow of people and the highest frequency of consumption. It gathers a variety of foods to attract guests from different regions. The Kwai Chung District is also one of the areas where we often deliver goods to the club. This area is similar to the Kwun Tong District and is an industrial area. We have cooperated with many Partyrooms in Kwai Chung, and many Partyrooms are also our merchants. If you are a frequent visitor to the Partyroom in Kwai Chung District, you should have eaten our meeting. Whether you are going to a family-style party or going to a workshop, you will be connected to Kwai Chung.

Residents of Kwai Chung District will also take the food they have eaten and share it with their families after they have eaten our meeting. If the average family is tired of eating pizza and fried chicken, you can choose our Royal Restaurant package, which contains Chinese, Western, Japanese and Thai food, and the style is more than 50 foods. The menu is very suitable for family bookings. If you want to order Kwai Chung to the food, in addition to the telephone reservation, you can also book food on our website, remind you to remember to book three days in advance!

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