~Party Food Delivery~

Cateraway is an expert catering providers and pioneers in the market. Our current accomplices of party room are more than 150 in Hong Kong. Those alliance provide us a diversify platform to promote our party food to everyone in Hong Kong. In order to bring happiness and joyful to our client efficiently. We maintained a strong bonding with the alliance party rooms, Every party room obtain a unique channel with their order. Our Menu also tailor for them, for example some party room were specified for kids events, those kids set may publish due to their needs. The satisfaction of our clients are our motivation of success

~Party food~

Party food hk is monopolised by traditional and old fashion food like pizza, fried chicken and share platter etc. There are few catering company that have a spark to restructure the party food delivery model. In the meanwhile, Cateraway promise to be innovative in party food field. Therefore, the concept of “One person One Decision” will be able to meet our clients’ needs. The brand new taste and differential choices on different party delivery, whether at home, clubs or companies. We have many experience on different type of party such as kids birthday party, Christmas party, wedding party and company party. Most of the menus were designed to fit the party. For example, we have cupcake, candy and puff for the party which has many kids and children.In addition to the general meeting and party, we will also have food such as finger food and canapés to satisfy the higher level of enjoyment. Each cuisine was designed by our experienced chefs. 

To be conclude, We meet the increasing demand of the party food delivery hk. Our profession is strive to feature the best option for all demands from our guests. Taking care of the party food delivery time and quality is an endless task. We are willing to receive feedback from each of our customers that they appreciate our food quality and service. Therefore, we spent a lot of time, passion as well as effort in each part of the customer’s journey.