~Vegetarian to the meeting~

In the past 10 years, more and more people have begun to pursue the vegetarian trend. Whether they are young people, working people or retirees, many of them will support vegetarian food because of the ecological environment of animals and their love and personal health. Think about and contribute to the earth’s environmental protection. There are also two types of vegetarians, namely vegetarian and vegan. In order to cope with this upsurge, many companies will join the vegetarian diet to the category of food, or meat food to meet the needs of customers. And we went to the club to take the initiative to develop new and exquisite vegetarian food to the meeting, to bring food to a group of friends who do not eat meat.

In addition to the meat-free selection in the official menu, we can also cook Chinese vegetarian and Western vegetarian. The food of the fast food is the representative of the Chinese vegetarian food. In addition to the good Chinese cuisine, our Chinese chef is also our best food. For Western-style vegetarianism, our company has also opened a vegan western-style restaurant in Central, which combines western-style special-style vegetarian food to attract many working families in the Central Business District. Therefore, our vegetarian diet will be desperate for foreign guests and those who like Western-style vegetarian food to order.

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