~Causeway Bay to the meeting~

The Causeway Bay is a diversified commercial area with a variety of commercial, restaurant and entertainment venues. Many commercial activities take place in this small area. At Cateraway, we asked the Western-style chef who had 20 years of experience in Causeway Bay to produce dishes from different countries to Causeway Bay! From the company lectures, sharing sessions, banquets, ceremonies, yacht clubs and other activities to provide catering services.

We have a series of procedures from the front dish, staple food, snacks and desserts, food selection, processing procedures, packaging, etc., to ensure that each dish can present the customer‘s eyes in the most perfect posture. . We also often learn how to cook in different countries. You will see that we include Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Thai food types in the menu, in order to make the styles on the menu. More diversified and more distinctive!

We believe that cooking should not simply express the taste, but express the chef’s understanding and respect for the national culture. In addition to making mouth-watering dishes, we want to taste us more to make customers feel. The feeling of being respected!!

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