~Western style to the meeting~

There are many chefs who have come to the club for more than 20 years of Western food experience. How to integrate Western-style thinking into a Menu is a problem that we have always needed to break through. Western-style clubs are most commonly used in foreign countries for baking and snacks, but if you take the whole method to Hong Kong, you may not be satisfied with all the guests. Hong Kong people will want to order some staple foods, and these staple foods are mainly rice noodles. Because we want to integrate Western culture into the Hong Kong element. For example, when we design Western food, we will add Kabonni spaghetti, but Kabunni spaghetti will easily deteriorate during transportation. We have to change its traditional practices so that food can be delivered to guests. Keep it delicious on your hands.

To the family’s menu, in addition to a plate of food, we also have fine Western snacks, cups of snacks and high-end business snacks. As long as you tell us what the company needs for your company‘s activities, we can make food according to your requirements.

Imperial Western-style snacks recommendation: a mini-smoked salmon burger, Caesar chicken salad, finger sandwiches, vanilla lettuce, fresh wild mushroom, branded cup snacks: smoked salmon, his cup, Hokkaido milk 360 milk jelly

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