~Yuen Long to the meeting~

The most frequent meeting in the New Territories is the Yuen Long, and the 18th Township is the place we often send. We have also wondered why so many guests will choose to call to Yuen Long. The original Yuen Long area is a lot of independent houses. We have asked many old customers who told us that most of the gatherings are barbecue forms. There are also more preparations for work. Moreover, there are fewer choices for Yuen Long to attend the conference. Many guests need to call food across districts, but when they want to call the district, most of the companies will not send such remote places. But we went to the club but distributed all over Hong Kong, so we became one of the companies they often order! Our services to the clubhouse include Hong Kong and Kowloon New Territories, such as non-restricted areas or very remote areas, we will all be served. I remember that when I sent Yuen Long to the meeting, the delivery place could not drive in. Our professional driver walked the two boxes of food for 20 minutes and sent the food to the guests, but the guests were grateful to us. More motivation!

A self-selection to each of the members of the club is really suitable for your family gathering. If your family is a gathering of 20 people, you can choose 20 foods on our menu, absolutely The innovation in the market will make you happier!

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